Start by creating a query of the Interactions you'd like to change:

1. Go to Information Library, Add a new Ad-hoc Query
2. Select a Constituent Query type
3. In the Include records where: section add whatever filters will select the correct interactions to update
4. In the Results Fields to display section select these fields:
Lookup ID
Constituent Record
Interactions\Interaction Lookup ID
Interactions\System Record ID
Interactions\Actual Date
Interactions\Expected Date
Interactions\Contact Method
5. Select the Preview results tab and make sure you have the right records
6. Save this Query and Click the Export to CSV button
7. Open the Resulting CSV file and update the Interactions as needed
8. Save that CSV for later.

9. In CRM go to Revenue, Batch Entry
10. Select Batch Templates
11. Add a new Template for Interactions
12. Include all of the corresponding fields from above
13. Save this template
14. Go to Administration, Import
15. Add a new import process and from the Interactions folder select your template
16. Give this process a name and in the file field browse to your CSV file with updated information
17. Select the Map fields tab and match all of the fields together from your CSV file and the template
18. Select the Set options tab, then the Other sub-tab
19. In the section for search list fields choose Quick Find
20.  Save this Import Process
21. Select the process you saved and click the start process button.
22. This will create a batch that you can commit after reviewing in Batch Entry