You may set the default layout for group page bulletin boards by navigating to:

Academics > Content > Class Pages > Bulletin Board Layout

Note: Default layouts set in this task only apply to group page bulletin boards that have not be customized already. If a teacher has already customized their bulletin board before the default is set, it will not change the style of the teacher's bulletin board in order to keep the integrity of the data. 

Once you arrive at the task you will be able to edit the default layout per group type and also be able to choose, by school level, whether or not the default is used.  You can also customize bulletin boards by school level if the default is not applied.

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To edit the defaults, click “Edit Default” next to the group type you wish to set and drag and drop the content and arrange them how you see fit. Keep in mind that owners will be able to override this layout and changes to the default will not have an impact on previously customized bulletin boards.

Once you have finished customizing the layout simply click “Back to Bulletin Board Layouts” in the upper left and the changes will be automatically saved.

By default the group pages will use the default layout set but if you wish to customize per school level, click the drop down next to the school level and choose the option to “Create Custom Layout.”