Password is blank when sending welcome email from NetCommunity plugin in Education Edge

When sending the welcome email, from the NetCommunity plugin in Education Edge with the user login and password from the Education Edge record, the password merge field that is used in NetCommunity shows blank on a sent message.
The Password field no longer populates for security purposes, as so, it is removed from the available Merge Fields. 

If you're using an email template that was created prior to the removal the Password merge field, please edit your email template and manually delete the Password merge field from the Body of the Design tab. 

In place of the Password Merge Field, you may use the Password Reset Link, which can be added via:
  1. While editing the email, click Insert>Link
  2. Choose Special Link
  3. From the dropdown, choose the appropriate Password Reset Link associated with the desired User Login Part
  4. Click Insert
  5. Click Save 

Education Edge allows the username and password to be exported from records. Although it's not recommended to send plain text passwords, you can export the username and password from the Education Edge, import it as a CSV file Imported List, and then email this information through NetCommunity. This is outlined here: How to send an email with username and password information to a select group of existing Online Campus Community users

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In The Education Edge, click the NetCommunity plug-in
  2. Click the Add users to NetCommunity link
  3. Click the Options button
  4. Choose the appropriate user option, query, and email type
  5. Click the dropdown for the Welcome Email and chose  the appropriate option
  6. Click Close button and Run Now
Observe that when the users are added to NetCommunity the welcome email displays the Education Edge username but not the password 



 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 affected 6.64 patch 6

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