Query and Export Output Different System Record ID

When outputting the Organization Relationship's System Record ID in Query and Export, the System Record ID's are different between the two functions for the same organization relationship record. 
This occurs because the Query and Export are actually looking at different fields.

The field in query is Organization System Record ID, and is designed to show the System Record ID from the organization's constituent record, rather than relationship. The export is intended to output the System Record ID of the relationship, rather than the constituent's system record ID. 

Alternate solution:
Export from the Query if the relationship's System Record ID is needed, or from Export if the constituent's System Record ID is needed. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open a New Constituent Query
2. Output Relationships> Organization> Organization System Record ID
3. Open a New Constituent Export
4. Output Relationships> Organizations> System Record ID
5. Compare System Record ID between Query results and Export results


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