Not able to enter disposal amount of 0 dollars for adjustment to disposal transaction

When trying to adjust a posted asset disposal transaction that was originally set to a disposal price of 0 dollars, the adjustment transaction requires the disposal amount to be entered again. When we enter 0 as the amount and tab out of the amount field, the 0 is removed and the box is highlighted blank again. It will not leave the 0 amount. If we enter any other value and click OK, then we receive the error : The total amount must be distributed 100%.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Fixed Assets>Records>Assets
  2. Open the asset and go to the activity tab.
  3. Open the posted disposal transaction where the disposal amount was 0.00.
  4. Click the Adjustment button from the menu bar.
  5. On the general tab, enter 0.00 in the disposal amount box then press the Tab key.
  6. Notice the 0.00 is no longer in the box and it has highlighted itself again. 


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