Record count between 2 databases different after restoring from same copy of production

After restoring two separate environments from a copy of the production database, the counts in two specific  tables in those restored environments do not match.

The two tables involved are:


In 4.0, [BBDW].[FACT_REVENUEATTRIBUTE] has been deprecated.  The system now uses [BBDW].[FACT_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONATTRIBUTE] .

The old table tried to force the revenue transaction level attributes down to the split (line item) level.  This caused in an inflated number of rows to be generated. In 3.0, we introduced the financial transaction attribute that was at the correct level (the transaction level). We deprecated the falsely inflated table ([BBDW].[FACT_REVENUEATTRIBUTE]) and only use the correct table ([BBDW].[FACT_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONATTRIBUTE]).

Steps to Duplicate

There seems to be a difference in the record count in table [BBDW].[FACT_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONATTRIBUTE] when compared with another environment. In one environment, there are more rows in table [BBDW].[FACT_REVENUEATTRIBUTE] and there are fewer rows in the [BBDW].[FACT_FINANCIALTRANSACTIONATTRIBUTE] table in the other environment.


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