Why would the Account Data Upload (ADU) process change a one dollar pledge amount or gift to zero dollars?

When the "Pledges to Hedges" System Preference is set to 'Y', one dollar pledges are changed to zero dollar hedges. 
You should use 'Pledges to Hedges' if your organization maintains the practice of having outside vendors take pledges for your organization and enter a pledge amount of $1.00 when a potential donor agrees to pledge but isn’t sure of the amount (e.g., "Please send me a pledge bill but I don’t know how much I will give."). If this system preference is set to "Y", when a $1.00 pledge is uploaded or created, TA creates a pledge with a $0 amount and sets the Hedge field on the transaction to "Y". 

It is found in System Preferences Administration under Background > Upload/Download.


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