Last Paid date is incorrect on the Aged Accounts Receivable Report

On the Aged Accounts Receivable Report, the Last Paid date is not updated to reflect payments that are owned by the payer. The last payment is not fully paying a charge. 

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. 


Display the details for transactions on the report by going to Format tab > Details.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Set up two student records with one parent as the payer for both.
2. Add a charge in January to Student A.
3. Add a charge in February to Student B.
4. On the payer's record, add two payments, one in January and one in February. Make each payment less than the charge it will be applied to.
5. Apply the January payment to the February charge.
6. Apply the February payment to the January charge.
7. In Reports, run an Aged Accounts Receivable report.
8. On the filters tab, filter the Assigned to on the payer's record.
9. On the format tab, under Detail, select to Report by Payer Activity and Do not show transaction details.
10. Preview report and see Last Paid shows the January payment.


 Student Billing
 7.86.93, patch 1

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