Primary Site URL won’t allow URLs that begin with https

When users enter a primary Site URL in Sites and Settings that begins with https it is immediately changed to http once the user leaves the field. 
SSL is a protocol that uses a public key to encrypt the data that you transfer over the Internet. When you apply SSL to pages on your website, the URLs begin with "https."  More often than not BBIS pages require SSL only on the pages that need it and do not require SSL on all pages. 
For this reason the primary site URL defaults to http and reformats the URL to http because not all pages require SSL.  If all pages need to be secure, this can be set in Sites & Settings:

1.    Select the top level of sites in the Hierarchy 
2.    Find the General Tab within Settings 
3.    Find the Secure Socket Layers Section
4.    Mark “Require for all pages” checkbox


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