Linkedin user ID not being autopopulated when adding social media

When adding Social Media to the Contact tab of a constituent record, the userID it not being auto populated in the User ID field. The username is part of the Profile Page URL.

The following format is required in order for Blackbaud CRM to parse the linked in user id out of the url:<userid>

As a workaround we are able to manually enter the user id.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to http://chs-bbecweb01/SMP_EC_40/webui/webshellpage.aspx?databasename=BBInfinity#
  2. Open a constituent 
  3. Select the Contact tab
  4. Add a Social Media Account
  5. Social media service= linkedin
  6. Profile page URL:
  7. Save-Notice the User ID does not populate
  8. Go back and try again using a different social media service
  9. Social media service= Facebook
  10. Profile page URL:
  11. Notice the User ID is populated


 Blackbaud CRM
 3.0 and

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