Using the TeamRaiser API, how can I hide duplicate instances of an event?

We have two TeamRaiser events in Luminate Online for each physical event. The purpose of one TeamRaiser is to capture the registration fees and the second one allows the chapter to capture the event donations. Although they are signed up for both events, constituents should only see the TeamRaiser that is capturing the donations for the chapter. When we call the getRegisteredTeamraisers method, the registrations for both events are returned. How can we hide the TeamRaiser event capturing the registration fees so constituents only see the chapter specific event?
The best way to accomplish this would be to edit the public facing event that is capturing the event donations for the chapter and add a value for "Event Type 2". To do this:
1) Locate the TeamRaiser event while logged in to Luminate as an administrator and click "edit"
2) On the first edit page, scroll down to step number eight
3) Add a value for Event Type 2 and save the changes

By adding a value to all the public facing events, you would be able to add a filter for the "event_type2" parameter in the getRegisteredTeamraisers API call. This would filter out all events that didn't meet that criteria, and would effectively remove the hidden events from the result set.



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