The social media profile page URL field will clear if you change the social media service

In CRM you can add social media to a constituent's contacts tab. If you make a mistake and choose the wrong social media service then go back and change it any information in the Profile page URL field will be lost and you must re-key that field.  This is not the functionality that we would expect.
Blackbaud CRM will show or hide different fields depending on the social media service that is selected.  Because different fields may be applicable to the social media service that is being selected, it would be expected for the URL to be cleared out when making this change.

Steps to Duplicate

1. From Constituents select Add a new Individual
2. After saving visit the Contact tab
3. In the Social media accounts section click Add
4. Choose Flickr as the Social media service
5. Enter a profile page URL (
6. Change the Social media service to Facebook
The Profile Page URL will blank out.

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