Error: The payment adjustment reason must be set if the pledge payments are being adjusted - when validating a batch created by the Generate Revenue Update Batch process

You can use the Generate Revenue Update Batch process to create a batch to make revenue updates. When using this to update the designation on a posted pledge payment when the pledge itself is not posted, this error occurs upon batch validation.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to any constituent
  2. Add a Pledge with more than one installment
  3. Add a Pledge payment
  4. Go to the Revenue functional area
  5. Select Post revenue to GL
  6. On resultant form, change the Revenue field to Selected revenue records, and create a selection that pulls the pledge and payment – the rest of the fields can default
  7. Save
  8. Start process
  9. Go to the Revenue functional area
  10. Select Generate revenue update batch
  11. Add
  12. Enter a name
  13. For the Revenue selection field, add a selection that contains the pledge and payment (e.g. Revenue Date is equal to [date pledge was created])
  14. Save selection
  15. Filter by field: Designation
  16. Current value: [whatever designation chosen for the pledge]
  17. Overwrite with: [any other designation]
  18. Check Include posted transactions check box
  19. Add Adjustment date and Adjustment post date
  20. Save
  21. Start process
  22. Start
  23. Go to the Revenue functional area
  24. Select Batch entry
  25. Un the uncommitted batches tab, find your newly created RUB
  26. Edit batch
  27. Validate
  28. Observe error


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