Marital status is changed when modifying a deceased spouse relationship

When you change something about a spousal relationship it resets the marital status to married when the constituent is still widowed (or whatever status was previously)
We’re currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

Life changes are configured as follows:
Deceasing > Global rules for deceased constituents > If spouse exists, change marital status to Married. 
Marriage > Global rules for married constituents > change marital status to Widowed

Steps to duplicate: 

1.  Constituents > Add an individual
2.  Enter last name, first name, marital status > select Household tab and add a spouse relationship, select Spouse for both relationships and leave the checkboxes marked > Save the record
3.  Go to the spousal record and mark them deceased
4.  Go back to the "main" record and edit the relationship to the deceased spouse > change something about the record (start date, end date, relationship type, reciprocal type, etc)
5.  Review the martial status to notice it updated to Married



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