The primary contact for an organization record can be updated with a CSV file. The Organization Name, Supporter or Alternate ID are required fields. It is also beneficial to include the First Name and Last Name field in your file in order to update the information.
  1. Navigate to Contacts>Database Management>Manage Contacts>Import Contacts
  2. Click New Import Batch
  3. Click Browse and search for your CSV file
  4. Under Options, select Import Organizational Contacts and Allow Update records using Kintera Supporter id or Kintera Alternate id
  5. Click Next
  6. Assign any desired default fields or click Next
  7. Assign Segments or click Next
  8. Assign eNewsletters or click Next
  9. On Step 3, Enter a Name of Batch and map the fields in the CMS file to the Kintera Fields
  10. Click Import Now