You can bring the review status of a course in an Advanced List, you just need to use the Enrollment Grade Object. Here is how you can build this Advanced List:
  1. Core > List > Manage List > Manage Basic and Advance Lists 
  2. Lists: View All > List Templates
  3. Template Category: Academic Group
  4. Click View/Copy for Academic Course Details
  5. You will want to select the following Objects in the following order:
    • Under Academic Group:
      • Course Group
      • Course Enrollment
      • Course Term
    • Under Grading:
      • Enrollment Grade
  6. Set Display Fields through >Display Fields > Select Fields
  7. Mark Review Status under Enrollment Grade
  8. Set Filters through >Filters and set a Global Filter for the Course Term
    • Field: Course Term. Term Description
    • Condition: Name of Term
  9. Click Preview to see what the list looks like
  10. Give the List a Name and click Save & Exit