Why did a new Sustaining Gift receive a Gift Type other than RN (renewal)?

An account's first Sustaining Gift (SG) from an Account Data Upload (ADU) may receive the Gift Type of AD (additional gift) when the expected value is RN (renewal) and
  • The account has a prior giving history, and
  • The AUTO_RENEW classification was uploaded with the new gift information. 
This was an issue with certain Gift Type Rules, including the WGBH, WHRO, WGB2, and MPT Gift Type Rules.  You can check which Gift Type Rule is in use by reviewing Activity Entry for the Activity in question. 
If the incorrect Gift Type is identified prior to running Post Gift Batches (posting), the Gift Type can be manually changed to the desired value; if identified after posting, the pledge can be adjusted.  

This issue is fixed in version 5.0.19.


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