Number of unresolved responses on an appeal is incorrect

When viewing the response information, the number of Unresolved responses may be incorrect, however the total number of respondents and total amount of revenue is correct.
Unresolved Responses are from constituents who were not part of the mailing and gave a donation toward the appeal, but the donation cannot be associated with a specific mailing. The donors were not included in the mailing, but gave a donation toward the appeal regardless. To update these numbers, we can follow the steps below to refresh the appeal mailing: 
  1. Navigate to Marketing and Communications and click on Appeal Mailings
  2. Click on your mailing
  3. Underneath Response Information tab, click on purple gear icon Refresh mailing
  4. Once complete, you will see the Response information updates
  5. Complete these steps for each mailing in your appeal, then re-run the Appeal Mailing Performance report


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