If the number of formulas being used is incorrect (for example, if you see Formula (2), when there is only one (1) formula being used - this can happen if that Grade Formula has ever had a data fix. Sometimes, a "ghost" formula will remain - however this does not impact your formulas or Grade Plan in any way.

To access Grade Formulas:

1.) Start from your Academics persona. 
2.) Navigate to Grades > Grading Setup > School Year Setup.
3.) Filter for your School Year, Group Type, School Level, and Grade Plan Group.
4.) Click View to update the results.
5.)Click View to the right of the Grade Plan you want to view the Grade Formula for.
6.) Click Edit in the upper right corner.
7.) Scroll down do the Grades/Comments section, and under the Options column, you can view the formula being used, as well as the number of formulas being used. For example: Formula (1), Formula (2).
8.) Click the Formula button to the right of the Grade/Category to view the formula.
9.) Click Edit. This will allow you to view that formula.