Try the following steps in order to reach a resolution: 
  1. Verify where the patron completed the orders--online sales or in person Daily Sales.
  2. If the orders were completed in Online Sales, go to Sales > Unresolved Online Sales Orders.  If there is an order here for the patron but the patron also has one order on their constituent record in Altru, click Cancel on this order so the card will be refunded for the second charge.
  3. If the order was completed in Daily Sales, log into your credit card portal and see if there were two charges and one refund for the same amount.  If there is a refund, this is correct and the second charge will be refunded.  In Daily Sales, when you swipe a credit card, the card is immediately charged.  However, if you do not complete that order but cancel it, the card will immediately be refunded.  Sometimes this refund does not immediately show on the patron's credit card statement.