At this time, there is no way to mark a contact or transaction so that it will not sync. The two systems want to be as integrated as possible, and are constantly checking to see what has and has not synced to keep them roughly equal. There are some exceptions, however:

1. A contact will not sync from Luminate to Raiser's Edge if it does not have a last name. However on most sites a last name is a required field, so if a contact is created without one, you will never be able to edit the contact record without adding a last name.

2. A transaction will not sync to RE if the appropriate cross references are not created. If some cross references are created and not others (for example the form cross reference is created, but not the designation cross reference) then a QPM error will be thrown.

3. When you are integrated, a "floor date" is set. Any transactions that were created before that date will not sync to RE (this is intentional) to avoid duplication, as we assume that anything from before the "floor date" has already been synced manually with something like the RE Connector. Similarly, contacts in RE created before the integration that were not manually imported into Luminate will not sync until and unless that record is updated in RE, at which point it will sync down.

The integration is not able to customized at this time.