1. Bring in these objects in the following order:
    • Candidate under Admission
    • User Base under Constituent Information
    • User Detail under Constituent Information
  2. In Display Fields, click on Select Fields and expand Candidate, User Base and User Detail
    • The Affiliation Field lives under User Detail, mark the box for that field as well as any other field you would like to display
    • Other Recommended Fields: First Name, Last Name, Entering Grade, Entering Year
    • Once you have marked all the fields you want, click Select
  3. In Filters, add a Filter for User Detail.Affiliation
    • Note: The Affiliation field is a blank text field, be careful what you put in your Filter because it could eliminate results you want to display
  4. Click Preview to view results, modify list as needed
  5. Give the List a Name and click Save & Exit once finished