How to add image to a news article brief or long description

In some cases a photo needs to be added inside of a brief or long description of a content type. This can be done but some custom work must be done before the image will display. 
As a Page Manager, Content Manager do the following:
  1. Go to onMessage, hover over Content and select Uploads (misc).
  2. Click Add on the right-hand side.
  3. Find the file type, give the upload a name, then upload the photo. Save when complete.
  4. Create the link for the file by combining the first half of your live site URL with the file path to link the file. Example:
  5. Navigate to onMessage, hover over Content and select News. Find the news category and click edit.
  6. In the brief or long description, click the HTML button and add the following code: <img src="your url"/> Example: <img src=""/>
  7. This will display your image in either the brief description or long description (depending on where you add it). You can also resize the image as needed.



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