Teacher grade books default to the first marking period if there is no active marking period. This may happen during the school year if there is a gap between the end of one marking period and the start of the next marking period.

Typically the Start Date of the marking period is the first day of the term and the End Date is the last day of the term.

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For schools with multiple marking periods under a term, the Start Date of the first marking period is the first day of the term and the End Date of the last marking period is the End Date of the term.

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The Marking Period will end on 12:01 am on the end date that is set within the Marking Period.

For example: the Q3 Marking Period is set to end on 2/6 and Q4 Starts on 2/7. As of 12:01 am on 2/6 the Q3 will stop displaying since Q4 has a Begin Date of 2/7, from 12:01 am 2/6 to 12:01 am 2/7 there is a 24 hour gap which changes the Gradebooks Display back to Q1 or the Prior Term because there is a gap in the Marking Periods.

To fix this, You can change the Q3 marking period to end on 2/7 so teachers will have access to their assignments for the rest of the day and change the Q4 to start on 2/8. 

Then you can go in on the next day 2/7 and change the 2/8 date to 2/7 for Q4 and change Q3 back to 2/6 this way there is no gap between Q3 and Q4.
Teachers will not see Assignments due for 2/7 until you change the dates back on 2/7 for Q4 to 2/7 or you set the Display in their Gradebooks to show for a day later/earlier on the Term they would like that Assignment to show on.

To set the marking period dates:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grading Setup > Gradebook Settings 
  2. Select the correct School Year.
  3. Select the correct School Level.
  4. Make note of the end date for the term.
  5. Select the icon to the left of the Marking Period and select Edit Marking Period
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  7. Change the marking period's End Date to the last day of the term.
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  9. Save & Exit.