What are the minimum permissions for standard profiles in Luminate CRM?

What are the minimum permissions and settings that need to be granted to an administrator's profile in Luminate CRM?
There are a few items that need to be set on a profile in order for basic pieces of functionality to work.  
Here are some steps that you’ll need to do when you’re setting up a user for your org:
  1. Go to Setup > Administration Setup > Profiles.
  2. Click New to create a new profile. Build it off the Standard User profile.  Call it whatever you’d like.
  3. Make the following changes to the profile:
    1. Under Enabled Apex Class Access, ensure that you have access to all classes.
    2. Under Enabled Visualforce Page Access, ensure that you have access to all pages.
    3. Under Administrative Permissions, mark the checkbox for
      • Send Outbound Messages.
      • API Enabled
    4. Record Types
      1. Under Record Type Settings, choose to edit Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities, and give your profile access to all record types.
    5. In order to prevent errors displaying the Relationship Widget on the Contact layout:
      1. Under Custom Object Permissions, give yourself Read access to the following objects: 
        1. Designations
        2. Classification Types
        3. Relationships
        4. Relationship Types
(If you might need to create/edit relationships, give yourself Modify All on those objects.​​​)



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