HTML code not visible inside of Google Chrome when editing content that allows edits to HTML code

When editing an email, Formatted Text and Images part, or any part that has the ability to view HTML Code, the HTML code does not render or display when editing the parts in Google Chrome. 
Google Chrome has released an additional update which will resolve the problem of not being able to view HTML code within the NetCommunity website.  If you are not able to view HTML code for emails or Formatted Text and Image Parts:

1. Click on the Chrome menu button in your toolbar
2. Select About Google Chrome 
Chrome can then determine if an update is needed, and will prompt you to update, or it will show a message indicating you are up to date
3. Once the update has been run, restart the browser

The fix is found in Chrome version 43.2357.81

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into NetCommunity using Google Chrome version 43
  2. Edit any email or Formatted Text and Images part that contains content within
  3. Click View -> HTML Code in the graphic editor
  4. Notice that no HTML code is visible despite content being present within the email or Formatted Text and Images part


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