iPad RE Mobile App HD Stuck on Account Screen

When accessing the iPad Mobile RE App HD, the screen is stuck on the Accounts page, showing the accounts to select to log in and the button for 'Add Accounts".  None of these options respond to selection, and the app is non responsive. 

If you encounter this issue in the latest version and patch of Raiser's Edge please contact support and reference this article.

Alternative Solution:
Change the orientation of the iPad from Landscape to Portrait
Uninstall the HD version of the Mobile App and install the regular version of the Mobile App.*

*Note: iPad users will not see the option for the regular version of the Mobile App if they are filtering on "iPad only." We will need to filter on "iPhone only" to see the non-HD version.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Download the RE Mobile App HD onto an iPad.
  2. Create an account
  3. Notice that you are not able to log into the app.
  4. The Username and System Key appear, with an Add Account button on the bottom.
  5. The App is unresponsive, and pressing Add Account does not do anything.



 Raiser's Edge

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