Financial Reports are not tieing to queries/actuals

When running a Trial Balance Report, it is out of balance by an extra debit for an account. If you run a General Ledger report on this account for that specific month, an extra entry shows here as well; however, if you open the batch that shows in the GL report, the duplicate entry is not there and also does not show if you run a Batch Detail report on that batch.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:


1. Run a Trial Balance report on account 01-1010 and it shows a beginning balance of 4,693,337.48 and a ending balance of 3,976,162,53 with total debits of 3,957,502.83; however total debits should be 3,954,614.13 

2. Ran a GL report on 01-1010 on all transactions for month of March and saved as BlackbaudTest.

3. For 03/17/15, there are 2 debits for the same amount 2888.70 in the same batch 5071 for lines 1656 and 1679.

4. Opened batch 5071. Line 1656 corresponds to line 1655 where the credit is from 01-2010. Line 1679 in the actual JE show for the amount of 4,948.42 for account 01-1050 and NOT 01-1010 which shows on the GL report.

5. Ran a Batch Detail Report on batch 5071 and saved as BlackbaudTest to see how it shows there and there is only one line for account 01-1010 for 2888.70 which is correct for line 1656 and the other duplicate line that shows on the GL Report does not show

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