Error: Filename could not be created. Output file is scratch directory. - when running Query and Output

Query and Output may end without creating the output file and the job may have the following error on the output:
Filename {filename} could not be created.  Output file is {$HOME/scratch}

In the above, {filename} represents the full output path, and {$HOME/scratch} represents the scratch directory on the database.

For example: 

Filename /export/home/app/ta/[database]/output/users/[username]/1211_purl_alt_id_test could not be created. Output file is /export/home/app/ta/[database]/scratch/

The root cause is the output path is invalid or going someplace that does not exist.

To resolve, you can either
  • Confirm the folder path (in any FTP utility) and rerun the output to that folder
  • Create the missing folder and rerun the output. If you are unable to create the folder, contact Team Approach Support.



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