Remove duplicate grades on Grades and Comments - By Section report

Grades and Comments - By Section Report shows duplicate grades in parenthesis next to the grade. 
To resolve this issue:
  1. Go to onRecord > Settings > Grading
  2. Click Grade Translations
  3. Select the Edit link across from the Grading Key
  4. Remove all of the Abbr. grades
  5. Save & Exit
    • Grade Translations are set up to show the abbreviation of the grade, which doesn't need to be designated if there is no difference between them.


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Impersonate Faculty Member to view their course through dashboard and go to the Grades and Comments - By Section report. Verify that the grades are showing in duplicate in parenthesis.
  2. Impersonate Platform Manager and go to onRecord > Settings > Grading > Grade Translations to see that abbreviated grade is set up, this is what is duplicating in the parenthesis.

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