There is no master list of which roles can access a particular persona, however a list can be created by role in order to get the names of the individuals associated with those roles.

There is not a way to turn off a Persona for specific roles. However, each role task can be adjusted to restrict access for particular tasks in a persona. 

To create a list of people by Role:

  1. Go to Core and in the Lists widget, click View All 
  2. Click List Templates 
  3. Select Category: Constituent Information
  4. Find: Constituents with only 'All School' Role
  5. Click View/Copy
  6. In the Filters tab change User Role. Role to select any of the roles that for the list.

To change tasks in a role:

  1. Go to Core > User/Access > Profile
  2. Click Manage Roles
  3. Select a Role 
  4. Choose Task from the left column
  5. Unmark any boxes associated with a persona in the role in order to restrict access.