Do Advocacy Actions transfer over the RE Sphere connector if the form status is set to: Hidden or Inactive?

You have created an Advocacy Action form and set it to a status of Hidden or you have set an existing action form to Inactive.
After running a Connector Sync you notice that no Actions have been transferred over the connector for the form in question.
  • Advocacy Actions only transfer over the connector when the form is Live.
  • The Actions for forms that are in Inactive or Hidden status, when the connector is run, will not transfer when synced.
  • If the connector is synced while a form is in Inactive or Hidden status and later changed to Live status, the Actions that previously did not transfer over the connector will not be synced.
  • If a form is returned to Live Status, following a sync, new Actions will transfer over the connector during the next sync as long as the form is Live when the next sync occurs.


 Blackbaud Sphere

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