Credit card not charged after adjusting installment amount

A credit card had the installment amount changed to a smaller amount in an adjustment. After that, the card was not being charged in a run of Charge Processing.

On versions prior to 5.0.17 you may see that the date last pulled on the pledge has been updated even though it has not been charged. Starting in version 5.0.17 this has been fixed so the date last pulled will not be updated since the pledge is not being charged.
When there is a change in installment amount, the total pledge amount gets automatically set to the installment amount times the number of installments. If the donor has already paid more than the new pledge amount then the pledge is considered paid in full (pledge status FF) and should no longer be charged.

If a donor wants to continue paying but at a decreased installment amount, we suggest ending the current pledge and starting a new one to avoid this situation.



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