Interactions are created with incorrect date

Sometimes Interactions are created by Account Data Upload (ADU) with the date of the upload instead of the uploaded date.
To resolve the issue, here are the steps to follow:

1.  Look at the Uploaded Date values in UL_Interactions:
Select * from UL_Interactions Where Process_ID = <process id>
2.  Make sure that the uploaded date values are in the correct format, based upon the Vendor date format:
Select * from Vendor_Date_Formats where Vendor_Code = <upload_file_code>
3.  If the data does not match the Vendor date formats, then alter either the data or the vendor date formats in order to make them match.

4.  One possible cause for data being in the wrong format is that a file created from Excel drops the leading zeros. This can be fixed by using a different column format in Excel.


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