Total given field in Fund query excludes Write Offs

When using the field Summary Information>Total Given in a Fund query, results may be incorrect when including the gift type for Write off. Including the gift type for Write off in the filters will not affect the totals.
We are currently evaluating this issue . 

Alternative solution:

To report on the write off amount based on fund, run the Gift Detail and Summary Report and summarize by Fund. On the Gift types tab of the report, add a column that includes Write off as the only gift type.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a new Fund query
2. For the criteria, select Summary information>Total Given Greater than or equal to 0
3. Select the Filter tab in the Edit Field Criteria window
4. Select filter Gift type equals Write off
5. If applicable, select AND Fund ID equals [choose the fund where write off exists]
6. Click OK
7. Select the Output tab
8. Select Query fields>Total Given
9. Select Results tab
10. Note that Total given field says 0, even if there are write offs recorded in the database


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