1. Go to Academics 
  2. Grades > Click Transcript Setup 
  3. Click the Add button in the upper right corner.
  4. Enter the following information:  
  • Name: Name of the transcript
  • Allow Grading Manager to export to Word: If checked, the Grading Manager will be able to download and open transcripts in Word
  • Display school name for each school year: If checked, the school name will appear every year
  • Display transcript category abbreviation: If checked, the transcript category abbreviation will appear before the course name
  • School Information: Check off information about the school to display on the transcript
  • Grade Levels: Select the grade levels that will appear on the transcript
  • Format: Standard will display the school years horizontally and Column will display the years in columns
  • Introductory Text: Text that displays at the top of every transcript
  • Attendance: Select the group and attendance types that will display on the transcript
  • Activities: Select the year that activities will appear for and who they should be published to
  • Athletics: Select the year that athletics will appear for and who they should be published to
  • Awards: Select who awards are published to
  • Courses in Progress: Mark the box to display courses in progress and who they should be published to.
  • Compulsory: Mark the box to display compulsory
  • Credits: Mark the box(es) to display credits and who they should be published to
  • Credit Accumulation: Mark the box(es) to publish the credit accumulation, totals, and who they should be published to.
  • Grade Averages and Formula: Mark the box(es) of the formula(s) for the GPA and choose whether to display the year GPA, cumulative GPA, or both
  • Academic Performance: If published, choose the Academic Performance to display on the transcript
  • Tests: Mark the box(es) for the test scores you want to display on the transcript
  • Closing Text: Text that displays at the bottom of all transcripts, e.g., Registrar signature line
      4. Click Save.
      5. From the Transcript Details channel on the left, click the School Years link.
      6. Click Edit to the right of the school year to add the grade to.
      7. Click Add Column next to Recorded Grades to add a non-transfer grade.
      8. Click 
Add Column next to Transfer Grades to add in a transfer grade.
Note: Repeat until there is enough to accommodate all the term transfer grades that should be pulled into the transcript , but only 1 Final Grade may be included.
      9. Enter a Label.
    10. Click Save & Exit.
    11. Select the grades to display for each of the grade plans
Note: in order to display credits, the grade chosen must be a term or final grade.
    12. Check Publish to All and/or Publish to Grading Manager.
    13. Click Save.
    14. Repeat these steps to add additional columns and grades for other school years.