If you receive this error, please follow the steps below to try to resolve the error before contacting support. 

Typically clearing your browser cache and cookies, then completely closing your browser, re-opening the browser and trying again will resolve a false positive for this error.

Here are steps to clear your browser cache and cookies.

If restarting your browser after clearing the cache and cookies does not resolve the error, please contact support and provide the following information:
  • The URL you are trying to access when you receive the error
  • Your IP address (how to find your IP address)
  • Screen shot of the error you are receiving

What are the main reasons this error shows up?

  1. An action taken in our system violated a Security Rule, but should not have. This is known as a false positive. If you think it was a false positive, please contact Support through your School Administrator and report the time that it occurred and the steps to cause the error.
  2. An action taken in our system violated a Security Rule and was correctly blocked. In that case, you probably know what you did and we ask you kindly to refrain from taking those actions. All violations are logged.
  3. Your browser has exceeded a rate limit and our security system is kicking in to slow you down.
  4. There is some other application or server issue causing an availability issue. Often these are temporary.