Create a Basic List of Parents and Email Addresses:

  1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage lists > Manage basic and Advanced lists

  2. From the Add menu in the top left, select Create Basic List
     User-added image

  3. Select Parent Information: Parent of Students and select Next
     User-added image

  4. Name the list and select a Category to save the list in
     User-added image

  5. Add a Description if desired

  6. Select the following: 

    • Criteria Field: Child Grade Level Description

    • Condition: Equals

    • Value: Kindergarten, etc.

  7. Click the plus button in the lower left to add more grade levels (criteria) and repeat the previous steps, changing the value to the next grade level.
     User-added image

  8. Once complete with the criteria rows, select Run to make sure all of the information populates the list.  

  9. Select Save & Exit

Tip: For more info, visit the Help Topic: Creating Basic Lists