You can add content, such as downloads, to a PushPage issue using Click-Thrus in a region of the PushPage Issue.

To add a download to a PushPage:
  1. Start from your School Website persona.
  2. Navigate to Communication > PushPage > PushPage Issues.
  3. Click Create Issue, or Edit an existing issue.
  4. Once in Edit Mode in the PushPage Issue, click the Edit link in the region you'd like to add the download to.
  5. From the drop-down menu to the right of Insert:, select Downloads under Click-Thrus.
  6. From your Available content, select the content you'd like to add to the download, then click Apply.
  7. Once you've added the Download Click-Thru to the region, click the Apply Changes link in the region.
  8. Once you're done editing the PushPage Issue, click Save or Save & Exit.