Recurring gifts for non-USA banking systems are processed in EFT processes for USA banking systems, but users are unable to download the transmission file for the process

In the Treasury functional area, you can configure your database to use multiple banking systems - USA, UK, Europe, and/or "Other."  When you configure multiple banking systems and then set up recurring gifts to be pulled as direct debits from constituent accounts, you have to choose which banking system to use with that account.  Then, when you create EFT processes to generate direct debit files, you also have to choose the appropriate banking system.  

If a non-USA banking system is selected for a recurring gift, that gift can still be pulled into an EFT process for a USA banking system.  When the EFT process is run, there will be a message that no batch was created.  However, a batch is actually created.  You will also be unable to pull the transmission file for this process.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.   

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Treasury > Banking systems
2. Mark the "Other" checkbox to enable another banking system.
3. Go to Constituents > Constituent financial institutions
4. Click Add
-Give a name
-Choose the other banking system (non-us)
-Add a routing number
5. Go to a constituent 
6. Select the Revenue tab > Accounts tab
7. Click Add
8. Select the non-US Financial institution that you set up
-Enter an account number
-Change the EFT status to EFT
9. On this record Add a Recurring Gift
-Enter an amount
-Choose any designation
-Select Payment method of Direct Debit
-Select the account you just created
-Click Save
10. Go to Revenue > EFT > Generate Direct Debit Files
11. Click Add
-Give a name
-Choose a bank that is a USA (ACH) banking system
-Select Create a new batch of transactions
-Select Recurring gifts
-Choose a batch template
12. Start the process
-Status will say that no batch was created.
-A Transmission file cannot be downloaded
13. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry.  See that a batch is created


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