This message occurs when the donor has selected the option to give on behalf of an organization. When this is selected, the individual and the organization (business) must each be linked to their own constituent records in The Raiser's Edge before the transaction can be downloaded. There is no means to bypass or reject this in the download window.

If the download is prompting for an organization record, then one must be linked in order to move the transaction to Batch. However, if it appears that the listed organization is not the correct donor or that the donor checked give on behalf of an organization by mistake, then follow these steps:
  1. In the download, link the individual to their constituent record or create a new constituent record.
  2. For the organization, create a new organization constituent record.
  3. Process the transaction to Batch.
  4. In Batch, change the constituent on the gift to the correct one (such as the Individual from step 1). Process and commit the batch as normal.
  5. In The Raiser's Edge, go to Records > Constituents and open the Organization record created in step 2. Delete this record from File > Delete.