Field Gift Recipient Org. Attribute has no values available in the dropdown

When building out a "LS - Make A Donation" part, the required, drop-down field "Gift Recipient Org. Attribute" is empty.

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The field "Gift Recipient Org. Attribute" populates from Gift Attributes in Raiser's Edge whose Data Type is "Constituent Name". Its use is that it notes the name of the Organization (not the individual) for whom the gift is designated.  After the gift is processed from the Blackbaud NetCommunity plugin in Raiser's Edge, this will appear in the attributes of the gift record.

If this field is empty, it means either:
  • There are no gift attributes in Raiser's Edge whose type is "Constituent Name"
  • The code tables in Blackbaud NetCommunity have not refreshed recently enough for the attribute to be listed
To resolve the issue, complete the following:
  1. When logged in as a supervisor user in Raiser's Edge, navigate to Config --> Attributes --> Gift
  2. Check to see if there are any attributes whose data type is "Constituent Name".  If not, see How to create a new attribute, create new tables for attributes, and add an attribute to a record in The Raiser's Edge
  3. In your Blackbaud NetCommunity website, browse to Administration --> Code Tables
  4. Click the green "Refresh Code Tables" button in the upper left corner of the window
The attributes will now be available for Gift Recipient Org. Attribute


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