Error: type mismatch when exporting from the export module

"Error: type mismatch" occurs when exporting Employee addresses from the export module and selecting the option to 'Order by' for the specified output field. 

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternative Solution: 
1.  In Payroll, Exports, open export bbtest
2.  On the Output tab, select the field for which the 'Order by' output was specified
3.  Click the 'Criteria' button 
4.  Change the 'Order by' to '<no specific order>'
5.  Click Export Now

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate: 
1.  In Payroll, Exports, open export bbtest
2.  Click 'Export Now' - Note error: Type mismatch
3.  On the Output tab, select 'Contact Information' under the output field
4.  Click the 'Criteria' button to edit the Contact Information Criteria
5.  Change the 'Order by' drop-down from 'Contact Type' to '<no specific order>'
6.  Click 'Export Now' - Note: error: Type mismatch does not occur

Note: this error occurs for all 'Order by' methods except for '<no specific order>'


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