Expires on Field not defaulting to correct date when upgrading a membership and selecting life as the term

When adding or upgrading a membership to a new level where the term is greater than a year the exipration date is incorrect.  This only occurs when the membership expiration term is fixed based and there is no push date entered.
Download and install the latest patch which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Select Membership
  2. Add a new membership program with the following information:
  • Multiple terms due based program
  • 1 year term
  • 150 year term
  • Two Levels:  Annual, Life
  • $0 price for both levels with the $0 price being inactive for the Annual 150 term level and the $0 price being inactive for the Life 1 term level
  • Entire amount is earned revenue
  • Membership term expiration is fixed based
  • Expiration Date is 12/31
  1. Select Add a membership
  2. Enter a constituent
  3. Enter the program created above
  4. Select the Life (150 yr) level


 Blackbaud CRM
 Service Pack 4

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