PST Rebate Distribution is missing on Invoice when originally entered as a Requisition in WebPurchasing

When generating an Invoice from a receipted Purchase Order that was generated from a Requisition created in WebPurchasing, the PST Rebate Distribution is missing from the Invoice.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log into The Financial Edge>> Accounts Payable>> Records>> Vendors>> open A+ Office Supplies
2.  Select the Activity tab and click New Invoice
3.  Enter Invoice number, description, and amount of $20, select Tax of HST
4.  Select the GL Distribution tab and change from 'Distribution' to 'PST Rebate' in the drop-down menu**
**Note: PSB Activity code 305, with $1.60 distribution amount
5.  In Configuration>> Products>> open Product ID 'Pro Test'**
**Note: GST Tax ID is HST and PSB Activity Code is 305
6.  Log into WebPortal>> click Go Shopping>> search for the product 'Product Test PSB (Pro Test)' and click 'Add to Cart'
7.  Click View My Cart>> Create Requisition>> enter a Description and click Save>> Submit Requisition (select Yes when prompted to continue without attachments).
8.  In Accounts Payable, select Records>> Requisitions>> Generate Purchase Orders from Requisitions
9.  Click Generate for "One Record" and enter the newly saved Requisition # and select the Results tab
10.  Enter the quantity of 1 and click Generate Now
11.  Records>> Vendors>> open A+ Office Supplies>> Purchase Orders tab>> open the newly created Purchase Order
12.  Select the Receipts tab>> New Receipt>> select a Received By and click New Receipt>> Save the Receipt>> select the PO Line number 1, Quantity 1, and click OK>> Save and Close
13.  Select the Purchase Order menu>> Create Invoice for all Receipts
14.  Select the GL Distribution tab>> change from 'Distribution' to 'PST Rebate' in the drop-down menu**
**Note: Distribution and PSB Code information is missing


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