To enable and configure the SSO in School Website:

As an Integration Manager

  1. Go to Core > Settings > Blackbaud connections > OCC

  2. Select Edit

    1. Click Enable

    2. OCC SSO URL should be constructed from the URL to your OCC website, ending with a pid= ... The PID (page ID) should be the # of a page with the login part. If it is not a login page it will not SSO and require the User to login. The URL would look something like this:  http://yourOCCwebsiteURL/page.aspx?pid=123

    3. Click Generate a key, copy the key to your clipboard, and click Save
(NOTE:  If using multi-site within OCC the login landing page for the user login part must be a page on the same site as the OCC SSO URL.)

Steps in OCC:

Enter the Secret Key from Step 2c above in the OCC Administration > Sites and Settings as described below, along with a description of your choice.

  1. On the OCC Side, you need to set the secret key and put it on the settings page.

  This is an excerpt from OCC SSO signon information.  The K12 School Website is the ‘Website of Record’:



Final link to activate

  1. The final connection is to place the URL 

    onto a resource board post or link within the ON Products.
Note: Usernames in ON Products have to match usernames in OCC, but passwords are managed from the ON Products.