To assign a Contract to Individual user, navigate to:
  1. Enrollment Management > People Finder > Search the name of the User
  2. Select the Contracts Tab
  3. Click + Add New
  4. Select the Contract Type and Contract School Year
  5. Click Save
To assign a Contract to an Individual user or in bulk, navigate to:
  1.     From the persona menu, select Enrollment Management
  2.     Select Contracts under Enrollment
  3.     Click Assign Contract Types
  4.     Click Bulk Assign Contract Type
  5.     Select the school year for which the contracts should be generated
  6.     Click Next
  7.     Use the filter options to search for the appropriate candidates/students and move them to the Added Users list
Note: The Contract Type in this area is for filtering on contracts from the previous year.  To filter on users without a contract, select No Contract for [School Year].
  1.     Click Next
  2.     Select the contract type that should be assigned to the candidates/students, and Amount Due, Date Send, and Comment fields (if needed)
Tip: Use the default row to apply the information to all users, or select a different contract type for each candidate/student.
  1.     Click Save & Exit