To enroll a student in the current school year:

  1. Start from your Core persona.
  2. Navigate to Users/Access > Profile.
  3. To add a new Incoming Student, click Users and select Add New User.
  4. To make an existing user an Incoming Student or Student, click Edit User Profile data.
  5. Search/select the profile of the user you wish to enroll.
  6. Scroll down to the lower left under System Information, and click Student Enrollment.
  7. Click Enroll in School.
  8. Enter the following information:​
    • Enroll Date: Enter the date the student enrolled in the school.
    • School Year: Select the year in which the student is enrolling. Select the current year to add the student to the Student role; select a future school year to add the student to the Incoming Student role.
    • Include Future Enrollments: Leave this option checked to create all enrollment rows for the student, from the current (entering) grade level to the highest grade level in the school.
    • Grade Level: Select the grade in which the student will be enrolled.
    • Locker # (optional): Enter the student's locker number.
    • Repeated: Check the Repeated checkbox if the student is repeating the selected grade.
  9. Click Save & Exit.