Incoming Students cannot be added to athletic rosters through the group page, however they can be added from Blackbaud’s Extracurricular System, as long as they are enrolled in the school year for the athletic season they will be attending.

To add an Incoming Student to an athletic roster:

1.) Start from your Extracurricular persona.
2.) Navigate to Athletics > Athletics Setup > Manage Rosters.
2.) Change School Year to the appropriate year. For example, if your Incoming Students will be enrolled into the 2015-2016 School Year, select 2015-2016 from the School Year drop down.
3.) Click Edit to the right of the team.
4.) Click Add Member.
5.) Search and select the Incoming Students to add to your team roster.
6.) From the Search Results, click the blue arrow link to the left of the student names to move them to the Added Users channel.
7.) Once you've selected all your team members, click Next.
8.) Select a Default Date for enrollment, or enter individual dates for members.
9.) Click Save & Exit.