To hide Affinity content on the public site, do the following:

  1. Go to School Website > Website Management > Websites, Click the Ellipses next to the site you want to edit, and select Edit Website

  2. If you don't already have an Affinity group on your page, Select Edit Page Content from the Wrench Icon dropdown for the page you want to add it, and drag it over from Content Types

  3. Edit the style for your page that has the Affinity content on it, and take note of the Style that has been applied to the Affinity block

  4. Click View All Pages & Menus and then navigate to the Styles tab

  5. Find the Style from step 3, and click Edit

  6. In the drop-down (where it shows Default), change the drop-down to Content Types

  7. It will default to Affinity

  8. On the right-hand side, check the content that should display and un-check the content that should not.
    User-added image

  9. Save